10 Styles of Athletic Shirts for Men

Did you know that the sports and fitness clothing market is expected to be worth more than $222 billion by 2026? As the market grows, there are now more options than ever before for consumers looking for athletic shirts for men. Everyone has their preferences for which types of apparel they want to wear while working out, and it can be hard to choose a shirt in the crowded fitness apparel market. When you’re shopping for men’s shirts, you should think about how you want to feel while training or working out. Do you want to feel comfortable in lightweight, baggy clothing? Would you prefer to wear skintight clothing that doesn’t get in the way while you’re trying to train? Answering these questions will help you decide on the perfect shirt for your training needs. In the article below, you’ll find a list of the top 10 styles of athletic shirts for men. Each type of athletic shirt can help you can your training to the next level. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of shirts you can wear while training.

1. Lightweight Sleeveless Exercise Shirt

When you’re looking for athletic shirts, it might be a good idea to find shirts that don’t restrict your arm movements. Sleeveless exercise shirts are lightweight shirts that stop at the shoulders. Whether you’re running, lifting weights, or doing parkour, you’ll enjoy the freedom of a training shirt that doesn’t have sleeves to cover or restrict your arms. A sleeveless shirt is an excellent choice for anyone who often finds themselves training in hot weather.

2. Lightweight Long-Sleeve Exercise Shirt

Lightweight shirts help you stay cool while working out, but they can also fail to protect you from sunburn, rashes, and other skin ailments. Some people prefer long-sleeve shirts because they prevent skin from coming into contact with dirty workout equipment.

If you’re worried about developing skin conditions from touching unsanitary workout equipment, you may want to use a long sleeve shirt that protects more of your skin.

3. Short-Sleeve Compression Shirt

Do you struggle with muscle fatigue while working out or training? If so, you may want to consider wearing a compression shirt. Short sleeve compression shirts have a skintight fit that puts pressure on your muscles. This pressure works similarly to a massage. The pressure helps with muscle fatigue, keeps joints working well, and can even help prevent injuries. Compression shirts are also great for people who don’t like baggy clothing. Baggy clothing can often get in the way while you’re training. Wearing baggy clothes can be dangerous if you’re engaging in action sports like parkour, bike riding, or martial arts.

4. Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

If you enjoy sweating while working out, you should think about wearing long sleeve compression shirts. These shirts cover your entire upper body with skintight clothing.

Long sleeves compression shirts provide all the benefits of short sleeve compression shirts, but with more muscle coverage. Long sleeve compression shirts can also protect you from the sun. People who burn easily may want to think about using long sleeve compression shirts instead of short sleeve shirts.

5. Lightweight Training T-Shirt

Some people prefer to have their arms covered by a short sleeve when they’re working out. Some gyms even force members to wear shirts with sleeves. If you belong to a gym that has rules about what types of clothes people can wear, it may be a good idea to fill your closet with plenty of lightweight training t-shirts. A short sleeve training t-shirt can help you stay cool while workout out, but it will also provide you with coverage for your shoulders and upper arms. Shoulders are very prone to sunburn, so be sure to consider a short sleeve t-shirt if you often find yourself training outside.

6. Gym Tank Top

Do you hate the feeling of wearing bulky clothing while working out? While working out in heavy clothes can help you sweat more, some people prefer the freedom of a tank top. Gym tank tops can help you feel completely free and flexible while training. Gym tank tops don’t cover your shoulders, upper chest, or arms. Out of all the pieces of athletic clothes for men on this list, gym tank tops are the most lightweight. They’re perfect for people who work out in warm environments. You may also appreciate a gym tank top if you're the type of person who likes to show off their muscles while working out. Some people enjoy seeing their muscle movement while they're training, and no piece of clothing allows more muscle visibility than a gym tank top. You can even wear a gym tank top if you’re trying to work on your tan while you're working out outdoors. While you're wearing a tank top, you'll be able to enjoy the feeling of having very little fabric covering your body. Of course, you'll have to apply plenty of sunscreens if you do choose to work out outdoors in a tank top.

7. Sleeveless Workout Hoodie

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be helpful to wear heavy clothes that insulate your body. Heavier clothes, like hoodies, can help you work up a sweat faster than you would if you were wearing lightweight t-shirts. Hoodies are a great option for people who want to work up a sweat because they’re thicker than standard clothes, and you can put the hoodie up over your head to provide even more insulation. A sleeveless workout hoodie is the least restrictive type of training hoodie you can wear. It provides all the insulation benefits of a regular hoodie while still allowing your shoulders and arms to move freely.

8. Short-Sleeve Workout Hoodie

You can find short sleeve hoodies in all different types of material. If you’re looking for a hoodie that will keep you warm and help you sweat, you may want to look for a thinner material like polyester. Short sleeve hoodies will cover your shoulders while leaving your elbows and forearms uncovered. They’ll help you sweat more than a sleeveless hoodie, but are slightly less insulating than the next piece of men’s clothing on this list.

9. Long Sleeve Workout Hoodie

The most insulating type of long sleeve athletic shirt on this list is the long sleeve workout hoodie. This piece of clothing will help keep your muscles warm and relaxed while you’re training. Wearing warm clothing like a hoodie also helps with your body's blood flow. The warmth will help your body spread nutrients and oxygen throughout the bloodstream more quickly. You will also start sweating very quickly if you’re wearing this hoodie while lifting weights, training outside, or going for a run. The long sleeve hoodie may be worn over a lightweight t-shirt or tank top. That way, you’ll be able to take the workout hoodie off if you start to feel too hot or if your muscles are feeling restricted.

10. Weighted Training Vest

Did you know that the shirt you wear can force you to push your workouts to new levels? A weighted training vest has different pouches that can hold varying levels of weight.

The weights inside weighted vests are generally made out of the lead. Lead is one of the densest materials around, so you can easily add weight to the vest without making the vest appear bulky. These training vests are most commonly worn while running or doing other forms of cardio. The added weight forces your legs and back to work harder during your workout. You can add or remove weights from the vest as you reach new levels of your training regimen. These weighted vests can be worn directly on your body, or you can wear a light t-shirt underneath the training vest to prevent your skin from rubbing against the vest.

Reviewing the Best Types of Athletic Shirts for Men in 2022

Now that you know which types of shirts are available, you’re ready to make a buying decision. When you’re browsing through shops for athletic shirts for men, use this list as a guide. Many people choose to fill their wardrobe with many different types of athletic clothing so they’re prepared for any type of workout. You may want to wear a gym tank one day, then step up your workouts with a hoodie that makes you sweat more than you normally would. If you’re interested in buying athletic shirts right now, be sure to browse our selection.