Athletic Hoodies: An Ultimate Guide

From its humble origins in 1930s New York, the hoodie has become a staple in the American wardrobe. Originally created for warmth, this piece of clothing has taken on a life of its own as there are now infinite designs and uses for this versatile textile. Comfortable and easily styled, hoodies are great for nearly any occasion. But some are made for better situations than others.

If you are an active person, your average Walmart hoodie probably won't give you what you need. You need athletic hoodies that move with you and breathe well, making sure you stay comfortable no matter the location. A quality hoodie will be long-lasting, both in material and style. That is why there are important things you need to consider when choosing your next threads.

Material of Athletic Hoodies

There are all sorts of materials and fabrics that make up athletic clothing. You want the best material that covers all your needs.

Cotton is the most commonly used material when making cheap athletic clothing. Some cotton can be soft and lightweight, but it has the downside of retaining sweat. When selecting your athletic hoodie, you will likely want something that doesn't hold in the sweat.

Nylon is another popular option. This material gives your hoodie water-wicking abilities that help keep the sweat off your body. However, nylon is an expensive fabric, and most clothing has nylon blended with something else.

Polyester has the benefits of nylon without being as expensive. This material also has a water-wicking ability and is highly durable. It is a comfortable fabric that will not irritate your skin. There are also various blends of materials out there. The differences in the ratios of these materials will affect the properties of the hoodie.

A cotton and polyester mix with have the comfortability of cotton but is more lightweight due to the polyester. It will also be more long-lasting than a standard cotton blend would be.

A popular mix is a polyester and spandex blend. The combinations of these materials make athletic clothing able to stretch and still retain its shape while also making it durable. This mix is typically used for clothes such as leggings or swimsuits.

There are various fabrics and materials that make up athletic clothes, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Whichever fabric you choose, make sure it has the qualities that will best aid you in your sport.

Basic Form

There are two basic forms of a hoodie: the zip-up and the pullover. Both are timeless classics that can be styled in a variety of ways. When selecting your athletic hoodies, these are both great options, each with its pros and cons.

A zip-up is easily put on over the rest of your athletic clothing and can be quickly removed. These hoodies are also generally a bit lighter, so they move with you smoothly. The zip-up, however, does have a zipper that can break, leaving the fabric of the hoodie unsecured. A metal zipper can also be uncomfortable at times as it hits your skin. A plastic zipper can solve this issue, and they are less likely to get bent out of shape. The lighter material of a zip-up hoodie also does not provide as much warmth as a pullover, which may be desired in the winter months. But if you are constantly active and moving, this likely won't be an issue.

Pullovers have the benefit of being sturdy and long-lasting. They are also typically easier to design and customize since they don't have a zipper in the front. These kinds of hoodies can get heavy at times and may be an extra weight you don't want to contend with. You are also more likely to be warm in them quicker than in the zip-up. This is great if your location is somewhere chilly but unhelpful if you're not. There are different aspects to the basic designs of athletic hoodies. Both are great options as long as you know what you need.

Necklines for Athletic Hoodies

Necklines offer both style and comfort to your hoodie. There is a standard neckline that is found on the generic hoodie. Other necklines are available, some being more stylish than functional, which makes them not good candidates for a quality athletic hoodie.

Scuba neck hoodies have a wider neckline than the average hoodie. The standard neckline will cross the ends of the hood, whereas the scuba neck has them meet. This gives you more room around your neck so as not to be as constricted.

V-neck hoodies create a v-shape that can light your collarbones. These kinds of hoodies usually take on a more distressed look and are more for the style than athletic use. Threaded neck hoodies are deeper v-necks that lace together the hoodie. These are typically more marketed towards women, similar to cropped hoodies. This makes them not a viable option if you are looking for men's athletic hoodies.

Ultimately the best neckline option for an athletic hoodie will be either your standard neckline or the scuba neck. Both of these are stylish options that provide plenty of comforts. However, if breath-ability is your primary concern, the scuba neck is the best bet.


You're an active person, always on the go. You need clothing that can keep up with you and do whatever you ask of it. When searching for an athletic hoodie, you probably want something that is lightweight. It will keep your muscles warm as you move around but can be taken off if you begin to overheat. You also want something flexible since the last thing you want to do is push off from somewhere and hear your athletic clothes rip. You need a hoodie that can go with you as you travel from place to place. Loose-fitting clothing is important to have as you move around. Something that limits your movement can be dangerous, and you want the freedom to be able to do what you need to. This is also the more comfortable option as you won't be restricted and are less likely to overheat. A nice feature to have with your athletic hoodie is water resistance. Depending on how much time you spend outside, there is a chance you might get caught in the rain. Having some athletic clothes that shun the water helps to keep you warm and dry until you can find shelter. Water wicking material of nylon or polyester is a good asset to have as it assists in managing your sweat and getting it off your skin efficiently. This ability helps to keep you cool as you are active and keeps you from getting soaked in sweat immediately. Your athletic hoodie is going to be used to help you accomplish your activity goals. There are many benefits to having a hoodie that is functional. Seek out hoodies that have the features you want that aid you in your goals.


Your athletic clothing needs to be both functional and stylish. The good news is hoodies are easy to style. One of the nice things about hoodies is the fact that there are so many varieties of patterns and styles. You can rep your favorite brand or promote a good cause. You can uniquely express yourself through what you wear and how you style your hoodie. If you have a casual day, the classic combo of jeans and your hoodie can suffice. When you want to step it up, adding a collared shirt under works well.

The blazers are currently in style. Putting a blazer on over your hoodie gives you a professional look that communicates confidence. Similar to the blazer, having a jacket on over the hoodie is a good way to elevate your style. Jean jackets tend to go with everything, so that is a safe route. You could also be bold and pair fun color combinations together with the hoodie and jacket. Some people like to alter their hoodies by tying their strings in creative ways. Some will cut them into crop tops or create a v-neck.

There is also the option of pairing your hoodie with some comfortable sweat pants. This gives you the look of a tracksuit which has made a fashionable return. Or you could relax into the mindset of an athlete and pair your hoodie with some comfortable sweatpants. There are so many ways you could style your hoodie that there is no one right way to do it. No matter the way you choose to do it, you will be able to style yourself well, expressing who you are.

Get Your New Hoodie

There are so many things to think about when choosing a new hoodie. Functionality, material, and trends all play a part in what makes the right hoodie. Shop a variety of athletic hoodies and find the one that meets all your needs. You'll be active and stylish in no time.