What is Tricking Martial Arts? 6 Tips for How To Start Tricking

As Andy Cheng was the stunt coordinator for Shang-Chi with Martial Club brothers Andy and Brian Le showing off their tricking skills in both Shang-Chi and Everything Everywhere, they have contributed largely to tricking on the big screen today.

But what is tricking?

Although there are many different sources of origin, we can safely say the earliest modern-day tricking was spotted in Asian martial arts in the 1960s. That was when Wushu and Taekwondo emphasized what the human body can achieve.

Tricking is a sport that incorporates martial arts kicks with gymnastics and acrobatics, utilizing complex and flashy spins and twists. Its goal is to showcase the aesthetics and athleticism of different tricks and combos.

If you want to learn how to trick, you're in luck because anybody can get into it, no matter your size. Continue reading to learn six tips for how to start tricking.

1. Watching Videos Can Help

The tricking community is still relatively small and niche compared to other sports, so most people will verbally recommend starting by watching video tutorials. That's how the Le brothers got to where they are today. Not only that, but they never had proper martial arts training - they relied heavily on YouTube videos.

So if they can achieve their tricking goals that way, so can you!

2. Do It!

When working out, many people will research how to do a proper push-up or squat but never confidently try it out until they get the movement correct. So to combat this behavior, it's best to do it!

It doesn't matter if you look silly trying to attempt a trick or kick. If you know you're putting in the effort to practice, you will achieve the moves you want to perform. Instead of researching every day, you can practice tricking for 30 minutes daily, and you will have a lot of experience under your belt after a week.

But just because you're doing it doesn't always mean you should jump into it with ordinary clothes.

3. Have the Correct Attire

To start tricking, you should wear comfortable clothes that allow the most movement you can attain. You wouldn't want to wear denim jeans and a button-up. It'll restrict a lot of action and lower flexibility.

You can look at our shorts that provide the ultimate comfort and mobility required for tricking. Not only that, but they also come with great style that compliments you and your aspirations.

4. What is Tricking? Answering the Question by Mastering the Basics of Kicking and Tricks

As Bruce Lee initially said: "Don't fear the man who knows 1,000 techniques. But fear the man that has practiced one technique 1,000 times." This means the ability to practice one thing - let's say a basic roundhouse kick - many times can lead to you mastering a kick that is an essential movement to tricking.

It's no secret that tricking requires a lot of kicking and other leg movements. So learning some kicking skills is a must-have for tricking. If you master the basics of something like kicking and tricking, it will set you up for an excellent foundation to build your moves.

Here are some great kicks and tricks to learn for beginners:

Spinning Hook Kick

A spinning hook kick can transition to different tricks. It's also reasonably easy to learn if you can execute kicks. The spinning hook kick will entail going through a 360 spin.

If you're to do a spinning hook kick with your right leg, position yourself in an orthodox stance. Slowly spin 180 degrees in a counter-clockwise direction - your back should face the target. Afterward, lift your right leg and kick out at an angle, so you can hook and hit your target while completing a 360 spin.


If you break danced before, a scoot should be easy for you. The movement is similar to that of a flare. Let's say you're trying to swing in a counter-clockwise direction.

You start in a kneeling or low position and place your left hand on the ground. From there, you build momentum, lift your right leg slightly, and kick your left leg through.


Coming from Capoeira, a compasso is a trick/kick that can be similar to a scoot. The difference is that you will be turning your backside towards the front when in motion, positioned like a football player ready to snap the ball. From there, you will swing and kick your left leg upwards and to the right, if you're going counter-clockwise.

After learning these basics, you can move on to more advanced tricks such as:

  • Tornado Roundhouse Kick

  • Butterfly Kick

  • Raiz

  • Aerial

  • Gainer

  • Corkscrew

  • Cheat Spins

5. Practice Martial Arts

If you haven't yet learned a martial art, starting with Taekwondo or Capoeira is good. Taekwondo specializes in kicking, which entails a lot of moves that take place in the air. With Capoeira, it's great for incorporating transition tricks and low flips.

As practicing martial arts is great for any beginners, Taekwondo and Capoeira are excellent to start tricking.

6. Find a Community to Start Tricking

To further your experience and fine-tune your tricking skills, it's best to seek a community of other trickers. You can start by searching for events such as a tricking gathering or a local gymnastic facility - they're bound to be spotted there.

As you're in a group of like-minded trickers, you can learn from them and improve each other's skills. You will have a community to support you and critique your moves. You can also learn new tricks and become stronger that way.

Get Tricking and Discover More

So what is tricking?

Essentially originating from martial arts, tricking has become its own thing. It's filled with fighting, flexibility, parkour, break dancing, and gymnastics.

To start tricking, watching video tutorials and doing it right away helps - it will improve the habit of practicing. Additionally, performing tricks in the correct attire is essential to the movements.

Afterward, mastering the basics of kicking and tricking is crucial to building a foundation of moves. From there, if you haven't learned a martial art, it's great to look up local schools. Ultimately, it's best to find a community of trickers you can practice with.

If you're looking for excellent tricking gear for your experience and want to participate in events, you can contact us or check out our King of the Rockies event.